Statement from Kelly Butte

Posted by the PDX Houseless Radicals Collective this morning:
We have been getting harassed at our home and camp the last two days. The park rangers were just here and said they will be back this afternoon, even though I told them in plain English that we aren’t going anywhere, this is my home. We are living on Kelly Butte in SE Portland. The nature of the way the park is designed, it is not a place someone can access, if some motivated people choose to deny them access.
If there is a place to make a stand and force the issue that people with no place to go have a right to occupy an unused public space, this is the place to do it. It’s 30 acres of forest.
If enough people come out here and stand with us, we’d not just be saving our home, but also opening a place for anyone else who needs a place to live. We have a small kitchen, and chemical toilets. A community campsite for anyone who needs it.
To get here, from SE Division turn south on SE 103rd then follow the road until it ends at a closed gate. Hike in from there, or cut the fucking lock off replace it with your own and drive, your choice. Please come out here and help us, not for us but for anyone who needs a safe place to be. The city won’t provide it, but we can do it ourselves. If we hold this place, they won’t have a choice.

Song about the history of Kelly Butte rock quarry/prison: