Tent Fund Update

When Portland Emergency Eviction Response’s Tent Fund was launched with a few posts on (anti-) social media and an email list, we quickly raised over $1,000.  Over the course of the past three months, that little crowdfunding exercise has allowed us to help out a bit with material needs of one particular tent encampment, mainly, in very close association with the PDX Houseless Radicals Collective.

PEER Tent Fund funds have gone towards a large tent, a trailer for transporting stuff to and from the camp, a bunch of 5 gallon water jugs, a big run of stickers to help get the word out about PDXHRC’s efforts to organize the houseless, a guitar, guitar strings, and other musical accessories for houseless musicians, and we’ve also been able to cover some bills for the phone that folks use as a wifi hotspot, and some groceries as well.

But now our coffer is dry.  There will definitely be more solidarity needed in these very trying times, and to the extent that PEER can be involved on the material aid front, how much we can do will depend entirely on how much you can donate.  Thanks for your solidarity.

Note:  all donations made using this button are clearly earmarked for the PEER Tent Fund, not to be confused with any other donations.  (Despite the fact that it will say Liberation Records Tent Fund when you click on the button.  It’s a shoestring operation, we don’t have nonprofit status, but you’ve got the right “donate” button…)