Sing Out for Gaza

The tenants rights movement, when it’s functioning well, is an inclusive movement that invites anyone to be involved who believes in the cause of tenants rights, rent control, organizing a fightback against the skyrocketing profits of the corporate landlords and the ever-declining standard of living for renters in America.

To join a protest, a gathering, or an eviction defense action, there is no vetting process to determine whether someone has the correct political analysis of everything, or anything.

Having said that, all the individuals who got this network started are outraged by the ongoing war against all the people in Gaza, and the destruction of most of the buildings in this long-besieged strip of land.  Whether someone “owns” or “rents” is a completely irrelevant point these days in Gaza.

Artists for Rent Control Minister of Staple Guns, David Rovics, has been actively writing songs about the ongoing genocide, and performing them locally in the Portland area and around the world.

More participants wanted — musicians or other kinds of artists, and anybody else — for the Sing Out for Gaza event in downtown Portland on May 25th!