Rent Strike is Coming

The rent strike is coming.  It’s just a matter of when, and how much organized solidarity might be involved.  Let’s build an eviction defense network in the Portland, Oregon area.  Sign up down at the bottom for text notifications.  Click the “donate” tab if you can help with printing costs for propaganda materials.

When the time comes that there are people ready to stand their ground and demand an end to the madness of ever-increasingly unaffordable costs of housing, our aim is to have an eviction defense squad ready to stand with them, and keep them in their homes.  The tactic worked brilliantly across the US in the 1930’s, and there’s every reason it can work just as well again, and on just as wide a scale.

We need rent control, again.  The fact that it was taken away from us is a crime of the plutocracy in the first place.  Housing as an investment market must be stopped, if our society is to have a chance of not descending into a complete caricature of any notion of “the American Dream.”

Actually affordable housing for everyone is completely achievable, right now.  If we fight for it.