The cost of renting (or buying) a home is skyrocketing across the USA, and most definitely in and around Portland, Oregon.  Corporations like Blackrock and the Randall Group are leading the charge in making housing unaffordable for more and more people across this country, in order to further line the pockets of the billionaires.

Given that they have made sure this is now a nationwide trend, there is increasingly nowhere left to run to, no inexpensive parts of the country left to move to.  Many of us living in Portland have already been displaced from many other cities because of housing becoming unaffordable in them.  If the fightback against hedge fund landlordism is going to start in earnest somewhere in the USA, it might as well be here.

In the 1930’s, when an eviction was being attempted by police, large numbers of people would quickly mobilize to prevent it from happening.  Employing this militant tactic, evictions were banned in some cities, and many rights for renters were won.  This tactic was successfully employed long before the invention of the text mob!

That was a long time ago, and those rights have been massively eroded since then.  Now we face a crisis of gargantuan proportions, which requires an appropriately massive response.  When and where it starts is anyone’s guess, but let’s talk about it, and strategize.

Feel free to bring a snack to share, and a song or a speech to share at the open mic, but no need to bring anything other than yourself (and your friends and neighbors, if you can!).

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