The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.


Artists for Rent Control is a network that everyone who is in favor of rent control, and against the feudalistic status quo in countries like the United States and others, is encouraged to participate in.  Our dual mission is popular education and direct action.

On the direct action front, our main project is the anti-eviction squad — to respond quickly to situations where landlords are attempting to evict tenants, or where the authorities are attempting to “sweep” a houseless community.

Whereas in former times rent strikers and eviction defenders employed tools like tin horns, pots and pans to get the word out — all still valuable items in any social movement — in modern times we can also make good use of push notifications.  By signing up to receive push notifications on your phone, below, you become a potential participant in Portland Emergency Eviction Response — you will receive a message when there’s an eviction happening near you.  When crowds gather at an eviction repeatedly, this can often be all that’s needed for an eviction to be canceled and for other solutions to be found.